Kathleen M. Milliken

Climb For Empowerment

How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!

~John Muir

Mt. Rainier stands tall in the Pacific Northwest at 14,411 feet.  Kathleen attempted two climbs in both 2011 and 2012........each time making it to High Camp at 11,200 feet.  Her first climb, ever, the altitude got the best of her and simply getting to high camp was a huge accomplishment.  The next year she was better trained, better prepared, and better hydrated, but this time the mountain had her own plans with winds blowing up to 70 mph at the summit, she opted to stay safe at high camp.  For her, it was still a big accomplishment, to watch the sunrise over Mt. Tahoma, to have slept on a glacier in a remote location many of the tourists would have never dreamed of.

Each climb was dedicated to every survivor of domestic violence.  Every step up that mountain was a symbol of the effort it not only takes to leave abuse, but to rebuild a life. Getting to the top is only half the climb, getting home safe is the "true summit".   Her dedication to this cause helped raise funds for both Girl Child Network Worldwide and The Pixel Project.  Her project has also been featured on Seattle Children's Hospital "I Am" campaign

She's been asked if she'll be climbing again, and with any new challenges she takes on in life, the answer is yes!  The "when" is still undecided.  Until then, Kathleen will continue to hike and explore the Pacific Northwest and Mt. Rainier.  She'd love to bring people with her, to experience nature and unplug, even if just for a few hours.  

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